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Mission Statement

The primary purposes of the Corporation are to promote the common good and general welfare of the residents of the community in and around the Moss Farm residential subdivision of Dallas, Texas; by providing crime prevention and public safety services; to disseminate information regarding crime in the community; to contract with off-duty Dallas Police Department Police Officers to provide security patrols; and to work with the City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department to obtain more effective street lighting and increased police patrols in the community.

Excerpt from Bylaws for the Moss Farm Alliance Against Crime
(as amended January 30, 1997)

The Moss Farm neighborhood covers an area of 696 homes in the Lake Highlands section of Dallas. This area is bounded roughly by Whitehurst Drive to the north, Abrams Road to the east, Royal Lane to the south, and Greenville Avenue to the west.

Your Moss Farm Alliance ("MFA") is an organization devoted to improving the safety and quality of life in our neighborhood.  The MFA is a volunteer-staffed organization; created and organized in the Spring of 1994 under the Texas Non-Profit Corporations Act.

True to its charter, your Moss Farm Alliance began operations on April 8, 1994 with a couple of very straight-forward missions in mind:  First, to preserve those things that make our corner of the Lake Highlands area of Dallas a very safe and special neighborhood to live in; and second, to improve upon those things which can make our neighborhood an even better place to call home.

The MFA has succeeded on both fronts. The Moss Farm neighborhood remains one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Dallas in which to live. There is every indication that our neighborhood will become an even better place to reside in the years to come.

The MFA provides both tangible and intangible services to preserve and improve the safety and appeal of our neighborhood.  The MFA's primary focus is on providing patrols of the area by uniformed off-duty City of Dallas Police officers using "marked" Dallas Police Cars.  The MFA also concerns itself with other issues which relate to the safety and well-being of the homeowners residing in the MFA coverage area.

MFA Leadership ~ Board of Directors

Clayton Barnard


president (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com

Robyn Maxwell

VP Crime Watch

crimewatchVP (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com

Chris Poteet


treasurer (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com

Asley Livingston

VP Homeowners Affairs

homeowners (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com

Brad Henderson

VP Membership

membership (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com

Jenine Bucker


secretary (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com


Bridget Bell
Judy Zeihm

Block Captain Coordinator

Casey Snyder

Community Affairs

lhaia (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com

Linda Shultz

MFA Yard Signs

signs (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com

Debbie Snider

Newsletter Distribution

newsletterdistribution (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com

Lois Diggs

Newsletter Editor

newsletter (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com

Robyn Maxwell

Voice Mail

crimewatchvp (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com


Volunteer Coordinator

Susan Clot de Broissia


mfa (at) mossfarmalliance (dot) com

Join Now!

The 2013 MFA Membership Year runs from the calendar from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. The annual membership fee is $160. The $160 fee represents a cost to members of roughly $13.33 per month--- or 44 per day.  That's less than the cost of one canned soft drink!

Each year, every home in the MFA Coverage Area will receive a MFA Membership Questionnaire / Invoice form in the mail. Simply fill out this invoice and return it with payment to the address listed at the top of the invoice.

That's it. There are no additional requirements. Simply let us know if you would like a yard sign signifying your membership. And by all means,  let us know from time to time what we can do to make the MFA work for you.

You may also let us know if you ever decide to become involved in helping with the various things that have to be done to keep the MFA running. Many of the tasks require hardly any time and can be done in the comfort and quiet of your own home or street block. You can also volunteer to help the MFA on an "as needed" or "as available" basis if you want. You can make your intentions known directly from the MFA web site by following the Contact Us link.

For those of you who are new to the neighborhood or new to the Moss Farm Alliance, you can join the MFA any time of the year. Pro-rated dues for first-time MFA Members are available. Simply print yourself an Invoice, or request us to deliver an Invoice to you. 

We look forward to having you as a MFA Member for 2011!

* Your Membership will become effective when
your payment is received by the MFA,
 or is postmarked and mailed to the
 P.O. Box 744113
Dallas, TX 75374
whichever is earlier.

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