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Moss Farm Alliance was featured in a Dallas Morning News article. Using crime scene data and much research by the Dallas Morning News staff MFA was given credit for having a major impact on reducing crime in our neighborhood. The article states "Consisting of 696 homes, Moss Farm is sixth in a list of 10 communities found to be the safest in the Richardson, Lake Highlands and Far North Dallas areas". To read the story at Click Here




The primary purposes of Moss Farm Alliance are to:

  • Promote the common good and general welfare of the residents of the community in and around the Moss Farm residential subdivision of Dallas, Texas ;

  • Provide crime prevention and public safety services;

  • Disseminate information regarding crime in the community;

  • Contract with off-duty Dallas Police Department Police Officers to provide security patrols; and

  • Work with the City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department to obtain more effective street lighting and increased police patrols in the community.

   Excerpt from Moss Farm alliance Against Crime Bylaws (as amended January 30. 1977)



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